Our previous projects are a testament to our ability to provide creative and timely solutions within budgetary constraints. Following are some of our previous projects in no particular order.

It Takes A Village

A couple of hours after he/she is born, a caribou calf can run. However, today in the wild Columbia Mountains, 4 out of every 5 calves born will not make it to ten months of age. They are vulnerable to many compounding threats. Although this animal lives where few animals can survive, they are incredibly sensitive to human use on the landscape, be it roads, railways, timber harvesting, recreation, increased deer and moose populations and the resulting higher predator populations. Roles: DOP, principle camera, editor, graphics, animation, sound design. This was a collaborative effort with RCRW.

Way of the Wildcard

Brought up in near solitude within the New Zealand wilderness, Casey Brown and her siblings kept themselves entertained by honing their skills on their bikes. Casey’s world changed when her family moved to Canada, and she was faced with integrating herself into society as well as battling to the top of the world stage. Roles: Principle drone operator, camera assistant.

The Burning Question

Should fires be put out, lit, or left to burn naturally, that is The Burning Question. Roles: DOP, principle camera, editor, graphics and animation. This was a collaborative effort with Simon Hunt and the Government of Canada.