Psychologist Robert Plutchik (1927-2006) proposed a psychoevolutionary classification approach for general emotional responses. He considered there to be eight primary emotions: anticipation, anger, disgust, sadness, surprise, fear, trust and joy. Plutchik created the wheel of emotions in order to illustrate the various relationships among the emotions. While Plutchik identifies only eight basic emotions, you can see from the wheel that there are many different degrees, creating a wide spectrum of emotions. Plutchik states that emotions are much more complex than most people realize.

Full Circle

RUNNING LENGTH: 21 minutes

This artistic film will explore Robert Plutchik’s emotional wheel using bicycles as the principle vehicle for delivery. The film will touch on the relationship between cycling, mental health and happiness while taking the viewer on a thought provoking emotional journey. Showcasing breathtaking landscapes, FULL CIRCLE will be a cinematic experience filmed entirely in Revelstoke BC. The characters in this film are real-life, long term Revelstoke residents with authentic stories. Eight chapters, eight emotions, eight characters, real people, real stories, all bicycles, all Revelstoke.